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Using Insurance To Pay For Bariatric Surgery

When considering bariatric surgery, one of the first questions our patients have is whether their insurance will cover the procedure. The best way to know is to simply ask. However, we are also happy to provide you with a free insurance check in order to determine if you’re eligible for bariatric surgery. The price of your weight-loss surgery will depend on what kind of surgery you’re having, your surgeon’s fee and the hospital you go to. Additional costs may include things like the anesthesiologist’s fee and if any follow-up procedures are needed.

We’re transparent with our pricing, but it’s important to be prepared for all costs, whether covered by insurance or not.

Get A Free Insurance Check

Your Path to Preapproval

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    Find out your coverage

    First and foremost, contact your health insurance company and ask them if they cover bariatric surgery. Then, find out if they cover the specific procedure that you are interested in having. This will give you an idea of bariatric surgery insurance coverage potential. It is always a good idea to keep a record of who you spoke to as well as specific dates and times. Feel free to use our Free Insurance Checker.

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    Consult with your primary healthcare practitioner

    Meet with your primary care physician to discuss your plan. Have your doctor weigh you and document your weight in your chart. Ask them to recommend an exercise and/or diet regimen and document this recommendation in your chart. Please follow this regimen closely.

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    Document your progress

    Go back to your physician’s office at least every four weeks and weigh in. Have them record your weight in your chart.

    At these evaluations, also have your physician note your progress and make recommendations about how to proceed with improving your progress. Documentation is critical. A full note must be written noting your progress and the recommendations given. If the diet and/or exercise regimen is not effectively helping you lose weight, go see your physician again and have them recommend an alternative program. Continue the weigh-ins. Have copies of your record available when you come in to see our providers.

    If your primary care physician has questions or concerns about this plan, please have them contact us directly. If this information is on hand at your consultation with us, the approval process and deciphering if you qualify for surgery is usually quite easy. We will make every effort to expedite the process for you at this point.

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    You receive pre-approval

    Once your surgery is pre-approved, we will schedule your procedure and get you acquainted with our support systems and your weight-loss team.

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