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“My name is Melissa Noonan. I had my surgery on May 3, 2021, with Dr. Snyder and his team, and I had the mini gastric bypass. I’ve lost 85lbs in six months. I decided to have bariatric surgery because I have struggled with my weight for a long time, and so I decided to look up and just start researching bariatric surgery. And I came across Dr. Snyder, who did self-pay because my insurance wouldn’t cover the procedure. And then it just kind of snowballed from there. When I met with him on our Zoom call for the first time, he was so energetic and he just had this mannerism about him that made me feel so comfortable. My life has changed since having the surgery because I am so much more comfortable in my own skin. I’m able to get around with my children more easily. I don’t have as much pain as I used to. I can walk more. Little things have gotten a lot easier. Things that you just don’t understand that really matter until you lose the weight. We flew on an airplane and I didn’t need a seat belt extender this last time, and I could also open the tray and have the tray come down without hitting my stomach. Also, riding in a car is a lot easier. I’m not touching the steering wheel. There’s a lot of things. Getting around is much easier. I can walk easier. Before I couldn’t hardly get around, I would stand up and it would be difficult for me to walk. My knees would be hurting.

My relationship since the surgery has gotten stronger, especially with my husband and I. We do everything together. We cook the same stuff together. He eats what I eat. He’s very supportive, and he was supportive from the beginning. Dr. Snyder also helped my family to feel a lot less nervous about the surgery because he made them realize that it’s not as fearful as people make it out to be.

My biggest advice would be to really do your research. Do your research, find a doctor that you feel comfortable with, even if you have to talk to a few different doctors. Just find somebody and you’ll know when that one doctor is the one for you. I knew Dr. Snyder was the one for me when I saw that he had a golden retriever and I joked with him about that. I said, “That’s when I knew you were the right doctor for me.” Take a leap and jump in it’s for your own health. And in the long run, you’ll be so glad that you did. It’s not as scary as people make it out to sound. I had no complications with my surgery and I know Dr. Snyder has a very low complication rate. I wish I could get more people to go through with it and not be afraid.”