Read Dan’s story

“I’m Daniel Owens and I had bariatric surgery on 11/23 of 2020. Dr. Snyder did the surgery and I had the gastric bypass. I’ve lost 290 lbs in the last year. I decided to do bariatric surgery because… really just to get healthier. I was really big, and to be healthy for my family. I’ve got a nine-year-old and a seven-year-old at home and they need me around. Another reason was I’ve got joint issues. I need fixed and I needed to lose the weight to get those fixed.

I really like helping kids out. I coach wrestling, football, and those are the main reasons why I decided to do it. I chose Dr. Snyder because I did some research online and I saw that he was – from what I can tell – he was one of the best in the area and once I met him, he just has a great personality. He’s a great person. My life has changed since bariatric surgery because I really have my life back. I can move, I can run again. I can play with my kids. I can get on the wrestling mat and wrestle with the little kids. I can get down and really help coach football. I mean, I have my life back. I can go fishing, hiking. Everything I used to do… I’ve gotten back.

Bariatric surgery has given me the knowledge to eat, healthier, exercise more. My friends and family are very supportive. It does make a difference in the kids’ lives as well as they can see that I’ve made a change and that if they ever have any issues that they may have someone to look up to or can make that change as well. For anyone thinking about doing bariatric surgery, I would 100% recommend it. It has totally changed my life and I owe Dr. Snyder and his team for giving my life back.”