Jack lost 216 pounds from the gastric bypass surgery performed by Dr. Michael Snyder.

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My name is Jack. My surgery was approximately 18 months ago. Basically I, am doing very well I think. I started at 438lbs when the program started and I am, now this morning, at 216lbs. My artificial leg wasn’t a problem, yet, after about nine and a half or ten, months, I had lost an inch and a half all the, way around the leg really it would not, fit anymore I couldn’t put enough sock on to get it to fit.

Your exercise program isn’t all that hard to follow either– basically you start out walking to build your stamina and then do what you can, but I haven’t gone beyond, walking really or actually building a fence.

I actually had high, blood pressure before surgery – yeah I was running, approximately 180 over 100 how’s it now, 105 over 55. The reason, I came to you, Doctor, is the fact that I was sitting on the sidelines watching life pass me by. My wife would do the shopping, my son-in-law my daughter would come over to help everything else and, that was just ridiculous. I couldn’t do… anything. About seven months into, the program I realized “Hey I can do it, all myself!” So, it works it, really does. I mean people follow the rules, they’re simple the diet simple and it’s, not expensive yeah the exercise program, is whatever you can do comfortably, without causing yourself any ills and make sure you follow up with the doctor your own personal doctor.